Red felted tulip shaped bag

£39.99 GBP

ich ruby red felt shoulder bag, carry your essentials and more in style!

This ruby red bag is wider at the top and tapers down to give the bag a half moon, tulip shape. This bag is very roomy and will carry a huge amount.

A felted bag is much more tactile than regular handbags; it is soft and still has the feel of wool, but it’s also really strong.

All of our felted bags come unlined as standard, this is because we have found the bag retains its shape easier when washed without a lining.  One of the advantages of felt is that it is so easy to care for! 

The colour of this tulip shaped bag is a rich red with a single black button that gives it a contemporary feel, perfect for modern life!

The bag had two secure handles that have been felted into the bag and a flap closing to keep all your essentials secure. 

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 Made From:

  • 100% Pure Wool

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All measurements are taken with the bag lying flat.

  • 63 cm at the top tapering to 36 cm wide at the bottom.
  • Overall height including handles 42 cm
  • Depth of bag 26 cm
  • The handles measure 39 cm in length.

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Care for your felted bag:

All of our felted bags are easy to care for and can be brushed clean or if very dirty they can be hand washed in cool water with a small amount of detergent and then dried flat. 

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Our felting process:

Our bags are 100% wool that has been hand knitted, which can take up to 4 days for big bags, and then felted, shaped and dried. This whole process transforms each bag from a loose knitted fabric into a dense, strong and tactile felt. All of our felted bags are 100% unique as each bag is individually handmade. The felting process makes these bags very strong and virtually impossible to stretch. 

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All of our bags come gift wrapped as standard.

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